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Dear Adventurous Traveller,

In this guide you'll find swimming spots, accommodations recommendations, tips on getting there, dining, and sight-seeing around the small but mighty volcanic Italian island of Pantelleria. 

About the author

Raised in a big Greek-American family with a Chef grandfather and a fisherman dad - Linda has been in passionate about food her whole life. After the French Culinary Institute and a few stints in restaurants, Linda took off to sharpen her culinary skills in her own adventurous way - working on a farm-to-table cooking school and wine estate in Sicily, spending two summers private-cheffing in Tuscany, consulting for restaurants in Bucharest (Romania) and Bogotá (Colombia), and traveling for songwriting camps in Italy and France!

Through her brand, The Cheeky Chef, she offers private market tours in Palermo, organizes immersive small group trips in Sicily, Pantelleria, Mount Etna and sailiing trips in the Aeolian Islands throughout the year, and helps others with custom travel planning services. Linda is available for culinary communication jobs, private cheffing gigs, creative/wellness retreats, cooking on sailboats + curating food and wine experiences.

She is a two-time author of Southern Italy and Sicily, both published with MOON Travel Guides, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group. The third book will be coming out in 2025. Follow her on Instagram for updates from Sicily: @thecheekychef


Do I need to rent a car in Pantelleria?

The short answer is yes! The best way to explore the island is by driving yourself, it is not at all a place where any kind of public transport is available/feasible. I recommend renting a motorino only if you are a very experienced driver and are comfortable driving a motorbike on a rustic terrain like this. Even so, reaching vineyards and swimming spots will not be possible without a car (or an overpriced taxi). There is a recommended rental agency in the guide. 

When is the best time to visit?

Anytime from April-October but really the sweet spot is June or September when restaurants are still open, it's not too hot, and there will be fewer travellers on the island. The harvest season runs from August through October and this is a very special time to visit Pantelleria (although August is HOT and usually a bit pricey). April and May are gorgeous because the island is full of wild flowers, this is a better time if you are interested in hiking. Almost the entire island was named an Italian national park just a few years ago and there is a lot to explore even if it's not swimming weather.

What if it's too cool to swim?

There are plenty of other things to do in Pantelleria. Visit a winery (with a reservation), go for a hike/walk, head to the hot springs for a soak or the Bagno Asciutto natural sauna in the mountains. Usually when the waves are rough on one side of the island, the locals go swim on the opposite side. The wind rules Pantelleria, so follow suit.

Where is Pantelleria?

Pantelleria is an Italian volcanic island within the province of Trapani in Sicily. It's actually located 106 km southwest of Sicily and only 68 km east of Tunisia.

Can I share this guide with fellow travel companions or friends?

No, the author doesn't allow sharing access to this guide.

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