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Dear Travel Writer,

Nearly a decade in, I can safely say that travel writing is the best job. But the business of freelance travel writing feels increasingly unsustainable.

Research and pitching can require countless hours of unpaid work. Compensation is fixed, regardless of the value of your writing, and getting paid can be … slow.

We built Saltete to give writers more control. With our publishing platform, you can create a niche travel guide on a topic you know best — the design lover’s guide to Paris, a local chef's tour of Houston, the ultimate guide to visiting Tulum with kids — and sell it directly to travelers.

Saltete provides the publishing tools, payment processing, and sales tax infrastructure, so you can focus on writing and promoting your guide.

I know how hard it can be to earn a living as a travel writer. We think Saltete will make it easier.

Want to write and sell your own niche travel guide? Apply here for early access.

Happy travels,

Regan Stephens, co-founder

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