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Travelers can spend dozens of hours researching and planning a trip and still wonder what they're missing. They need instant access to recommendations from sources they trust.

With Saltete, you can make an interactive travel guide with your best recommendations, insider tips, and itineraries. It's a new way to get paid for helping travelers save time and have an unforgettable trip.

The highlights:

No copy and pasting

Start typing a place you want to add to your guide — a restaurant, museum, hotel, shop, park — and the address, phone number, website, and opening hours autofill.

Photo ready

Choose from 10 ready-to-use photos for each place, or upload your own.

Instant maps

Each place you add automatically appears on a map, with customizable colors and icons.

Drag-and-drop itineraries

Design the ideal day. Each stop appears on the map as part of a highlighted, step-by-step route.

Sales page and checkout

We provide a sales page with your table of contents and customizable FAQs. Our checkout flow makes it easy for customers to buy and access your guide.

No upfront or monthly fees

There's no cost to create or publish a guide. Saltete is responsible for payment processing fees, sales tax, and customer support. To cover these expenses and fund our independent business, we deduct 20% from each sale. You set the price for your guide and pocket 80% of the revenue.

Built for mobile

No more heavy guidebooks or zooming in on PDFs. Saltete guides are designed to give travelers the best on-the-ground experience.

Editorial support

Want to share stellar recommendations but creating a guide feels daunting? Send us a note — our experienced editorial team is here to help.

Create your travel guide

Dear Travel Writer,

Nearly a decade in, I can safely say that travel writing is the best job. But the business of freelance travel writing feels increasingly unsustainable.

Research and pitching can require countless hours of unpaid work. Compensation is fixed, regardless of the value of your writing, and getting paid can be … slow.

We built Saltete to give writers more control. With our publishing platform, you can create a niche travel guide on a topic you know best — the design lover's guide to Paris, a local chef's tour of Houston, the ultimate guide to visiting Tulum with kids — and sell it directly to travelers.

Saltete provides the publishing tools, payment processing, and sales tax infrastructure, so you can focus on writing and promoting your guide.

I know how hard it can be to earn a living as a travel writer. We think Saltete will make it easier.

Want to write and sell your own niche travel guide? Get started here.

Happy travels,

Regan Stephens, co-founder

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