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Dear Rome Lovers,

I feel like I can't stop telling people how much I love Rome. In an effort to bring the Eternal City close to your heart, I'm sharing my guide of more 130 trattorie, bars, boutiques, galleries and more that make up everything I love in this city.  From Iconic restaurants, not-to-miss street food and amazing art escapes (very ancient to contemporary, indoors and out) to where to rest your head, you’ll find exactly what you need to feel like you live in Rome.  Updated monthly!

About the author

I’m a Rome-based freelance writer covering Italy and its amazing food, travel, and culture for publications including Washington Post, AFAR, Travel + Leisure and Forbes. My stories traverse the tales of Rome's beloved maritozzi, Massimo Bottura's art-inspired restaurant, the vintage train scene in Tuscany and so much more.  I fell in love with an archaeologist and can't stop exploring antiquity. And I'm very proud to live and raise our daughters in my mom's home town. Forza Roma!


How did you choose the places in the guide?

I think I was born with a pen and black book in hand, and an eye for critique. I've been compiling my favorite spots for years and sharing them with friends who give me their feedback. And I am repeat customer at all of these places, so my suggestion are fresh.

Do I need to be on line to access the guide?

Yes, wifi or cellular service will do.

Why should I pay for this guide?

Easy, because you can find everything I recommend and write about in one spot.  And because by buying this guide, you keep me motivated to do more. I self-fund everything I do- from my website and podcast Ciao Bella, to all of my adventures in art, archaeology and food.  And I'm pretty shy about promoting my projects.

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Yes! You can give 1 person access to your guide.

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