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Dear Disney Friends,

Welcome to my comprehensive guide to all the restaurants in Walt Disney World.
Hello! I've spent my entire life eating my way through Disney parks, and the past decade doing so professionally as a travel writer and content creator on TikTok and Instagram.

Rather than having you scroll through the hundreds of Disney food videos on my social channels to take notes for your trip, I wanted to bring it all together in one beautiful place to help us all navigate this experience in the best way possible. And now I can definitively declare that this is *the* ultimate Disney World eating (and drinking) guide, with almost 200 brutally honest reviews of restaurants, bars and food stands across all of Walt Disney World property (with a map to guide you while you're in the parks!)

I'm very hyped to put my life's work out there for y'all and let you explore all the hidden gems, insider tips, and my favorite (and least favorite) menu items across the parks, resorts and Disney Springs. 

Thank you for going on this wild ride with me...and don't forget to say hi if you spot me in the parks! And tag me (@theshayspence) in all your Disney food photos. Ok, bye!


About the author

Shay Spence is a freelance food and travel writer based in Key West, Florida. A self-proclaimed “professional eater,” he has become a viral sensation with over 250K fans on Instagram and 1.6 million followers on TikTok @theshayspence. Shay was formerly a food editor at People magazine and competed on season 2 of Fox's Next Level Chef. He's been to Disney World countless times, and is always on the hunt for his next great bite. You'll probably see him there -- say hello!


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