Katie Parla's Rome

Dear Rome food lovers,

In this guide you'll find more than 130 trattorie, cafes, pizzerias, markets, and gelato shops, plus my favorite place to find maritozzi, amatriciana, and other iconic Roman specialities.
This guide includes 127 places.

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About the author

Katie Parla is a New York Times Bestselling author, Emmy-nominated television host, food and beverage writer, culinary guide, and podcast co-host based in Rome. She has written, edited, and contributed to more than 35 food and travel books for such publishers as National Geographic, Time Out, Rough Guides, Dorling Kindersley, Fodor's, Clarkson Potter, Chronicle Books, and Voracious. She is a regular contributor to The New York Times and is a recipe columnist for Saveur magazine. Check out her titles Food of the Italian Islands, Food of the Italian South, The Joy of Pizza, Pasta Queen, American Sfoglino, Flour Lab, and Tasting Rome. Listen to her podcast Gola wherever you get your pods. And watch Katie on "Katie Parla' Rome," "Katie Parla's Roman Kitchen," and "Gola on the Road" on Recipe.TV. Stay in touch with Katie on Instagram at @katieparla.


How did you choose the places in the guide? Do businesses pay to be included?

Hell no. I would never take money in exchange for including a business. In fact, I don't accept freebies, attend press dinners, or attend junkets. That means every single recommendation is here because I love the place and have paid out of pocket to be a customer there. 

Do I need to be online to access the guide?

Yes, either via WiFi or cellular service.

Why is this guide better than a PDF?

With Saltete, recommendations come alive. A single tap reveals hidden gems right around you, and you can glide effortlessly from spot to spot with easy, step-by-step navigation. No more tedious copying and pasting - just spontaneous (but well-informed!) exploration.

How do I access the guide?

Once you purchase the guide, simply sign in to Saltete and you'll see the guide right there! 

Is Katie Parla's Rome an app?

It's not. It's a guide accessible to users who purchase access through the Saltete website. Once you acquire the guide, you will have access to regular updates whenever you are using data or WiFi.

You have so many free resources online. Why should I pay for something like this?

I self-fund all of those free guides you can access via Eater,  Saveur, and other sites. They pay so little that I actually lose money writing them. That's right, it costs me more to vet venues than I earn writing about them. Cool. Purchasing this guide helps me keep my list of recommended places up to date and compensates me for the time and effort involved in such research and writing. Plus you'll find all my recs in one spot here instead of having to cobble together tips from various online sources.

Can I share this guide with fellow travel companions or friends?

Yes! You can give 1 person access to your guide.
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